A Bolivian love story

My friend Rachel Wilcox Miano is part of a Seattle Habitat for Humanity team that in September will build a safe, affordable home for a Bolivian family in need. Why build in Bolivia, you ask? From the Seattle-King County Habitat for Humanity website: 

“Bolivia has a population of over 10 million people. More than half of Bolivian families live in huts that do not meet the minimum living conditions, lacking basic services and sanitation. Approximately 69 percent of Bolivian houses have dirt floors; these houses make families susceptible to contract diseases such as major respiratory problems and stomach pains. Children are the ones most affected by these conditions.”

Rachel is asking for donations to help fund the Seattle team’s participation in the Bolivia build, and the top three donors will each receive a copy of Grace Grows along with the Grace Grows Original Soundtrack CD. Lee and I are very pleased to be a part of this love story.

Please consider helping out with a donation of any amount. Go to the BoliviaBuild2014 website for more information. Thank you!

Bolivian Children

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