Vision Wall

I’m sitting here at my desk, working on another novel that’s been living in my head for a long time. This is a story that I started before Grace Grows and to which I have now returned. It’s taken a while, with all the many wonderful distractions in my life, to properly immerse myself in this other world; but now–finally!–I am in the water and swimming.

In between spurts of writing and rewriting, I stare–out the window next to my desk, at the wall over my desk. I’ve been pinning (little P) random things on this wall (real, not virtual) for a while now, and today I realized: these images are all visualizations of ideas in this story.

Sometimes I create a vision board intentionally; sometimes it just magically appears.

On the wall: “Shiva at Whistle Creek” by Sally Mann; “Language of Insight” by Bunny Harvey; “Cosmic Pears” by Emily Townsend; art journal postcard by Emily Townsend; portrait of author Pearl Buck; Optimism postcard by Papaya Art; botanical print, artist unknown; F.B. Carpenter, head-and-shoulders portrait, c. 1850-1860, by Matthew Brady.



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